Integration into Your Systems

SAML and Single-Sign-On

You use multiple software programs in your organization.  Single-sign-on ensures Telemedicine911 is ready for all emergencies.  SAML allows administrators and IT to create and manage users on a system-wide level.

Risk Tracking and Risk Management

Do you track the emergencies that your staff encounter?  When your staff uses Telemedicine911 The system  incorporates how to track every emergency.  Listen to 911 activation audio recordings for case review and much more. Add our platform to your risk management strategies.

Follow-Up Care

Your care does not stop after the 911 activation and neither does Telemedicine911.  Our platform generates lists of patients who recently had an emergency, the nature of the emergencies, and the facilities to which they were directed.  Build follow-up workflows originating from our platform and maintain continuity of care with your patients.

Improve your transition of care from
telehealth to 911 dispatchers.

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